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Any port in China shall arrange sea or air transportation and transport it to the transit port of a third-party transit country or region (such as Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.) according to the normal customs declaration and export process. Our company shall provide the consignee and arrange local container change and customs declaration.

Container change at transfer port

After customs clearance, change the container in the bonded warehouse, and the query result of the container number must be consistent with the origin of the goods

Rear section transportation

That is, for the transportation from the transit country to the final destination port, our company will provide scanned documents, and your company will arrange to send documents after payment.

Customs clearance at port of destination
In some countries and ports, our company can act as an agent for customs clearance, which must be confirmed before shipment.
Company profile

Shenzhen xinruida freight forwarding Co., Ltd. is a logistics supplier specializing in anti-dumping research and providing transit trade solutions for third countries. We have a experienced professional team with good business reputation and extensive re export channels. As a logistics supplier focusing on the entrepot trade of third countries, xinruida has always insisted on helping domestic foreign trade enterprises use entrepot logistics to break international trade barriers and make their modest contribution to China's manufacturing industry going global.

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